Mark as read

At the bottom of this thread, I see this

old thread as an unread thread because I wasn’t active when it was posted, but I don’t see threads like that when I mute a category. (The problem with muting categories is then I won’t be notified of actual new posts.) Is there some other way I can mark threads as ones I don’t wanna see, without having to go into each one individually?

Go to the top of the front page screen and select either New or Unread. At the top of either screen you can dismiss each of those two categories of posts. They’ll appear as if you read them.

They won’t have the blue icon like a new notification anymore, but they still show up with the white text, instead of the grey text of a read topic.

Okay, so if I mute and then refollow a category then all the unread posts get the blue icon again, so I can do what Armaros said to get rid of the notifications, but I also need to select to “unfollow these threads so they never show up in my feed again”