Market filter improvement

One thing that I’ve noticed ever since kill counters and ragdoll modifiers became a mainstay in the Unturned market, and this heavily bothered me, was that there were filters for items with said tools attached but no filters for those without tools attached.

For instance, if I wanted to find a Nuclear Maplestrike with no kill counter or ragdoll modifier, I’d have no way of filtering it out from its decked out counterparts. This gets very annoying very quickly when I’m searching for many items at once, like the entire Legendary tier of skins, and don’t want to see the inflated pricing of people who have tool combinations on their guns nobody else happens to be selling.

Simply put, I’d like to have a dedicated filter for each type of tool that shows items without any of that tool attached. It’d be a much welcomed QoL tweak for profiteers and anyone simply just browsing skin variety.

E.g. “No Kill Counter” and “No Ragdoll Modifier” filters alongside their respective category’s filters.

If you have any feedback, I’d like to hear it below.

And for those of you that look forward to my typical suggestion threads, there’s something coming soon so stay tuned :wink:

I hate to say this, but it’s long, so it must be good

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