Matchmaking Bug

Matchmaking is very simple: click Matchmaking, choose map, choose difficulty, click Search. It should then proceed to find and compare “ideal” servers. What it considers to be “ideal” is based on various key settings in the Server Browser.

This wouldn’t be an issue in most circumstances, but one of those key settings for your “ideal” server includes the Server Name Filter. Why? The password filter doesn’t do this, so it might just be an error with the new server UI and its expanded character limit or something. Maybe it reads newly added settings as key to finding the “ideal” server.

Valve, plz fix.

The only things it should consider “ideal” should be whatever settings you set in the matchmaker UI.

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Addendum: The “server name” filter is applying itself to every tab, although as far as I’m aware it’s only supposed to apply on the Internet, Gold, and LAN tabs.