Me and the boys headed for Holman [Pixel Art]

That otter has four people inside of it. Drop two or suffer the consequences. /s

Really nice art though, you’ve improved a lot.


Holy shit it looks amazing! How long did it take you to create this?

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Neat pixels, PEI at the back yes.
Otter than that, pretty epic pixel art.

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Do you have any suggestions on which two?

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I mean, in an ideal world the plane would crash into the isle. We don’t need that sort of toxicity in the world, do we?

I like to carpool (planepool?) to save the environment because I’m a nice guy, but if someone is hogging too much room in there, let’s just say we’ll be losing some weight in the air :griefer:

Actually, this is satisfyingly one of my most efficient artworks as far as the work I had to put into it - this took me only about 8 hours of combined work to do (almost half that of the animated UII Cobra)! One of the main challenges was using a lot of new techniques I’d picked up doing this one, but also doing a unique fusion between my artstyle with that of Unturned.

Actually about 30-40% of the time I spent on this artwork was literally determining the shape of the Otter alone.

I thought all of the toxic people boarded the space shuttle in Germany? Why else would Cologne be a deadzone?


OK I see you, Yarrrr and Molton in that plane. Who’s the fourth guy? :thinking:

I have a feeling you wouldn’t know that guy.

I will take my things and leave…


Some guy you don’t know


“crashing this plane”
You best get that reference.



not my fault he went overboard




Better than I could ever do T-T 12/10

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I for one won’t give in to your games. I’ll be dead before I recognize anyone other than Molton as true mod on this site #notmymoderator

This is probably all Yarrrr had to read

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@GreatHeroJ dude, just saw that pixel art. Absolutely amazing work dude.
I know everyone probably already told you this but wow, that looks wonderful.

That’s all I see what are you talking about


You finally made it, but was it worth losing it all?


Color pallet looks more like Belgium than PEI.