Melee combat and dummy guns

This will represent a combat for : there were posts about combat mostly was aimed on PVP (i not against pvp but zombie is inportent creature to clean from your houses).

=lets start :

-Ctrl could be to raise your guard in fists/melee scenario but also if you point cursor on entenity player or zombie (maybe on special type that hold some type of melee weapon will be more useful).just need to double click ctrl to targert at that human/zombie you want exterminate so if you move right you will still looking at him. Quiting from targeting you simply press same button responseible to stand your guard up but ONCE…
Also if you turn on targeting it will apear box on your cursor but seperated and makes 4 pieces in shape of lines and if you look right the right wall of box will glow and you can activate in that direction block,strike,stronger strike,elbow blow and etc.

-strike just click of your left mouse but can be blocked.
Stronker version can destroy blocks (and bones depends)

-elbow blow will make even less damage than strike but can also penetrate throu defense(blocking) but can be this move coutner-attack by using elbow blow or if target hit you and stops your attack
Side note: to use that attack you need to press button c (it can be changed in keybiding well… everyting can be changed to suit a player)
-push will push attacks or you can push someone away in case of pushing a attack you can already make your strike if you succesfuly push enemy attack.To activate pushing you hold block and click left mouse (strike).

-thrust is clicking scroll and can be blocked.

-dodging a,w,s,d double-click.

-kick is alternative pushing and block buster but it hits downer parts of body. Counter attack is to simply dodge.

-knee attack when you kicks but too close like your distand between you and him is not full size of leg so you use knee its less knockback but higher damage dealt to enemy

-combos is a combination of attacks that will make a harmony of attacks and will play special animation if you did those move corectly fe. Dodge back+strike from above+thrust= a special animation (i don’t want a lot of them)

-dropkick is combination of jump and kick you will in air close your legs together this give twice of dealt knockback either damage (powerful than knee attack)

-execution can be performed on downed player or if someone is nearly dying you make last attack and quickly press f to execut execution.

Pve combat :
You can still target on zombies,bandits, other ai etc. But you dont need to but blocking horinzontal or vertical (same for others expect:kicking,dodging,elbow attack,knee att.,double kick,pushing,execution cuz they cant be performed verticly or horinz.) And if enemy will target you and you didnt have targeting mode on him you can’t block his blows he have higher advanteg than you. Just zombie aren’t concentreat at advanced attacking the just rely on basic punching scratching bitting etc.

Dummy guns:
What was i releating to to make guns but the aren’t working at all ,they can be used to fool around but in closer look you can see some details that are uncorect to appearenc of gun that was/still manufactured properly.maybe should be skill for making some stuff of fooling.

(Also remember in last post i promise a description in form of picture…
It was a lie).


Oh… Don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’ve been told before to tidy up your posts or at least to make them understandable…
Maybe it’s because I think you don’t speak English, but I don’t speak English either and I still keep my posts tidy.

Try to prepare and order your topics more before uploading them because your ideas are good, you just present them in such a messy way that they look complex.


I understand and you just hit 10 cuz i non-english speaker i may write something wrong and uncorectly even misclick in heat of passion.
I will try mine best.

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And i don’t mad at you,its normal to correct people it may make someone frustated but not me.
Sometimes well maybe you will encounter people that can take it or just their limit end.
Also you kind.
Also should i fix things up?


Going on what AdrianWR said, I think your posts could be more easy on the eyes and understandable. Pictures or visuals would help for more visual people and if you structured your post in a neat way then it would be easy to skim through and know what exactly your talking about.


So just see what doesn’t stick and maybe add those " ’ " when should be between n and t


I think it’s great that you don’t bother! In the end it’s just a recommendation for all of us to better understand your ideas, as I find them interesting.

And yes, if you want to correct it, but post it as another topic, otherwise nobody will see it XD let this topic die here.

( Use deepl translate, I use it and it’s pretty good. )

I was playing for honor and mordhau but at the end i enjoyed for honor more cuz the fighting mechanics were great but balance of their characters sucks or sucked (i don’t playing thise anymore) and mordhau was for chessers like mostly you can kill everyone with knife or spear cuz they fast but diffrence lay damage between them spear can deal 50 dmg to higher armored helmet but thats okey its not big a deal to compare they mechanics of fight are just shaking your mouse like crazy and other dumb stuff.
I don’t recomend playing both of those games.

And you thinks what it does ti that topic i .ostly used inspiration form for honor.

Yes my friend, I also made a topic talking about this and my biggest inspiration is For Honor, however we must remember that Unturned is not only about boxing, we can’t put so many fighting mechanics and leave the rest aside, we must go little by little.

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Easy to understand those all suggestions. You curved writing technicue good looking for eyes.


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