Melee suggestion

I was thinking of a new style of melee fighting that applies to hand held melee weapons: katana, machete, golf club, etc.
so the suggestion was to add a mechanism that lets you block a handheld melee attack when pressing a key while right or left clicking. You would have to click at the same time as your opponent to block.

That can be a bit complicated…? Why don’t we just add a ‘block’ key to melees for blocking any melee attacks at the cost of stamina?

it s a pretty good idea but…uh…it might end up like the culling with only 600 players monthly

yes and i think that shields will be good too(better protection and some melee wepon will have defend option or just a chance(like 1/2 chance to block and attack with a katana etc…)but wtih shield we have 100% defence chance(and more durability)

Already on Trello for 4.0

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oh ok thanks

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