Message from Arabia

Dated - 438 A.D
Pre-Islamic Arabia

I bring to you Iram of the Pillars!

I am creating a new map, set in Arabia, its a solo project, but we will accept any help, right now I would estimate that we are around 2-3 weeks away from completion! Not to reveal too much, it will have flying carpets, and golden lamps!

Its gonna be the SECOND deathmatch map!
If you want to help, (mostly need helping with unity-side stuff,)
Contact me on discord via “v3today [Strawberry]#0785

Strawberry out!Capture

Random home for the map.


Survival in the desert without modern technology. I’m really interested in this, good luck with the map!


Looks good!

Also can’t wait for something other than a forest.


Really great project i hope this goes well, we need modern tech though it would be cool to run fog condensers to make water and stuff.

I had the idea a long time ago for a map to be incredibly crafting centric, based in arizona. Everything, even the weapons, armor, just everything. I think it would play in a pretty interesting way but the problem is that unturned crafting menu is kinda garbage.

Kuwait 2…


Cool shit, bro. Never seen something like this. Also, it would be nice to see something like this with 1600s America.


Look who we have here… gl with your map!

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woah, what is this cake icon? Is that new?

Edit: Also, awesome map!

I always wanted to make a mesa map


@v3today Squad, stay alert for Freeman


a simple Alert wont stop my man Freeman, in fact nothing can

Extremely refreshing to see things like this, I also had some ideas related to the middle eastern countries but those never took off.

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