Metal bases and heat mechanics sorta

So, you all know about the 3.0 metal boxes we have, right? called bases? well in 4.0 I would like to see a system thats more like real life. As in sitting in a metal box is going to get really hot, real fast. But maybe in colder maps this would sorta help? would also work well with the new system of building crap like a ventilation system so you dont die of heat exhaustion. Im really not in the mood to write a in depth post like I usually do on pc, so this is all I’ll do.


Let’s just assume metal bases won’t be like in 3.x… They’d be more like bases of other material reinforced with metal. It’s a good suggestion tho.


Metal bases don’t amplify warmth, they just have a low heat capacity so they are very easy to heat up or cool down.

In a cold ambient temperature, the thermodynamic properties of metal would cause it to dissipate it’s heat into the surrounding air almost instantly. The lack of insulative properties means that a metal base would not regulate temperature very well, so from a survival aspect you’d be very vulnerable to hyperthermia and hypothermia.


Damn, I felt like I was reading some Neil Degras Tyson (spelling) shit!

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