Migrate blog to write.as?


As there were some mentions of updating the blog design and tools in the recent community blog, it reminded me of write.as. Have you considered using write.as or write freely (the software powering write.as) for the blog?

I am not a big fan of the current blog visual design and I also have problems following the blog. The Discord way of notifying about new blog posts doesn’t suit me much, so I would welcome some rss feed (The good-old-universal way of following news). Write.as also uses ActivityPub to interact with the federated social networks (called Fediverse) which is a great way of following your favourite projects.

TLDR; why not use write.as? And please add a Rss feed.

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I have no idea what this is even asking, but it sounds interesting non the less. Will educate myself for funnzies.

I think the blogs are fine as they are right now. The RSS feed would be nice tho

The blog already supports RSS feeds, as seen below:


Its not much if you aren’t on the official discord server, but we are planning on adding notification roles in the near future for blog posts & game updates that you can sign up for.