Military Bases/schools (mostly questions)

In 4.0 should Military bases by packed by zombies with high loot or abandon with minimal loot?

Should schools have multiple classrooms and hallways and be larger in general

I think it depends

Large military should have high loot and a TON of zombies but they should be difficult to get into and even harder to get out alive. Why? In a Zombie apocalypse those will be the places we make a stand, not the places we abandon. Military bases a logistical hubs where men and matiral are stored and then dispersed as needed.

Small bases and outposts should be low loot because they are not logistical hubs but rather for housing troops temporarily or staging missions.

Same with schools

Large community and city schools act as emergency shelters. A TON of zombies should be there but they should be mainly civilian and law encforcement.

Small schools should be mostly abandoned unless the community is isolated, then they will likely be an emergency shelter.

in a city/military base zombies should be inside some houses and infested in the streets

maybe most zombies are by the entrance or exit of a city

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