Minor suggestion pack

Hello guys! I have a few minor suggestions I’ll like to pass by you.

Gloves increase unarmed combat (however weapons remain the same). Say, if someone with some tactical gloves uppercut you, or worse yet designed a combat glove (makeshift, also a idea), whould that not only make gloves more valuable, but whould make some sense (like a 5% unarmed boost).

Next up, Is a general location idea.

Some maps will have evacuated areas. Low in loot, vary few zombies, party empty houses with furniture being moved out, and commonly have player spawns near them. Simple as that.

Then, I suggest players spawn with bottom tier clothes, those clothes can be selected in the character creation menu. Perhaps they could also be like the current cosmetics, but not immersion breaking, and a income source. Of course there will the default respectable ones.

And to add upon that, clothes can be upgraded. From making them padded (same looks, just thicker or quilted look), to added kneepads and other protective measures.

Say you get a long sleeve shirt, you just enable to make it padded with some skill, or that military vest, add on some additional pockets, and ex’s.

Should be great for customisation, and if done right, won’t be a massive burden to add new clothes under this system.

And last, you can make sacks, like those pull string backpacks, if you find yourself unable to find a backpack, and other bottom tier clothes parts. Like maybe a rag set.

Just a small suggestion pack I spammed out, hopefully it’s not too bad.

So enjoy! Got any other minor suggestions besides me adding additional formatting?

  1. Please explain better; how could this be both helpful and realistic?

  2. Maybe.

  3. Yes about spawning with low tier clothes. Skeptic about cosmetics.

  4. Just with makeshift clothes, armor and stuff alike. For most normal clothes, I’d prefer certain degree of customization rather than “upgrades”.

  5. It can be feasible, as lowest tier makeshift backpack. On a side note, it’d be hilarious to see.

This sounds about as good as an idea as having a bamboo bow in the game so I can name it the “Bamboo Shoot.”


We have now ascended to TF2-level puns.

I actually tried to convince a TF2 modder to make that, to no luck.

1: i thought it was a little self explanatory, helpfull? Mainly it was to be a little detail and splash of flavor text, but hands do act as the unofficial tertiary (3rd) weapons slot, though this whould not apply to most bottom tier and moderate tier gloves, I do believe gloves with tough rubber pads whould likely deal more damage upon contact, and even more if some sadist added some fixed nails to it.

Helpfull? Though not terribly used, it whould be a minor thing to consider, not many people will care, and I don’t expect them too, but forsake you get disarmed, weapons break, or shoved into a cell, that slight damage bost may help. Or grappled and unable to use your primary weapon.

2: Nice

3: The cosmetics are the low tier clothes you can chose, but there in-game items you spawn with, or overlap certain in game items you may pick up in the world, like if you got gold you may be wearing golden aviators, a black business suit, and black bottoms. If you find a lab coat, you may have the option to add a scrop-7 logo on it, from the cosmetic you got. Or that military helmet, have the option to put a few non-immersion breaking stickers on it, adjust the shape a little, ex’s.

These will have no effects on stats, and when made by our Nelson man, they won’t be immersion breaking (or hand selected from the community). Because these will be relistic in-world items, that you really could find, and from the crafting menu customisation to whatever.

Because whould it be bad to see newbies run around in the torn plad shirt of there choice, the chosen ragged pants, the name brand worn shoes, ex’s? As long as each item is taken into consideration, you won’t have adsurd clothing combos like today.

4: Thats perfectly fine.

5: That’s the point.

What makes this so punny? Sure it’s lower quality, and I rushed it out, but the ideas are valid, and I’m not suggesting some absurd out of this world addition.

The only questionable one is the cosmetics, but there made to not ruin immersion and act partly as clothing skins, and the side mention of a melee oriented glove. Which in itself is does not ruin the survival aspect, as really it just expands character abilities and customisation options.

So please mention what makes this thread so terrible. Sure you may not like every option, but i don’t expect you too.

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He wasn’t replying to you.

Not sure why anyone would call a post like this a pun anyways. If you look at your alerts, you can see who replied to you. If they did not reply to you, then they replied to the person directly above them (unless it specifically shows who they have replied to in the thread, above their post).

This is a TF2-level of pun. :arrow_up:

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