Miscellaneous Movement Suggestions

Pulled out some spare time in the quarantine to make a suggestion post, unfortunately I don’t have time to make a detailed one with table of contents and all, so this is just going to a huge rambling list of stuff, in no particular order.

  • Using single-handed weapons such as pistols and submachine guns that have their stocks retracted while on ladders.

  • Sliding down ladders (sliding down a ladder on top of someone will knock them off the ladder).

  • Going prone is not instantaneous.

  • Holding shift while swimming to swim faster, drains stamina.

  • Crawling on the player’s back similar to Battlefield V, works similarly to prone. Rolling onto your back is done by double tapping the Q or E buttons, which also flips your direction of movement (i.e, if you were crawling forward before, you’ll be going the opposite direction when you flip around).

  • Holding one of the movement keys while in free-fall will initiate a roll when landing, significantly reducing fall damage.

  • Vaulting and jump-vaulting over obstacles. Taller obstacles obviously take more time to vault over. Also, ledge grabbing.

  • Explosions can knock you over into prone or on your back if they’re big and/or you’re close enough.

  • Sliding and diving. The former for sliding through gaps and the latter for diving through windows.

  • Melee attacks done while running carry more force behind them.

Alright, that’s all I got for today. Feel free to leave feedback on what you think, as well as any ideas of your own.


bind mwheeldown +jump

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All stuff i’ve wanted for years and haven’t seen many games do, massive +1

A lot of this stuff is already on nelsons trello here https://trello.com/b/ezUtMJif/unturned-4x-wishlist
But for things like diving through windows etc I think it suits games like dying light, I do like the idea of vaulting in the sense of arma, Not like a full on sprint vault but a small controlled vault, as I think the problem with 3 is it’s too fast paced, and UII should be a lot slower in my opinion.
But I agree with the prone suggestions, I think we need more realistic movement in the game, as rn it’s kinda static.

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