Missing 'item' gameobject

Hello, i’m trying to make cloth mod. i watched videos from youtube. When i upload mod, i check error logs and i see

this error message. I read other topics about “missing item gameobject”, they said "add this code to .dat file Exclude_From_Master_Bundle " and i add this. but still i take this error. anyone can help?

this is my .dat file

I can’t help at the moment but I assume you’re using unity3d files still. The exclude line is mostly just something people throw on when they are too lazy to isolate things properly, or are incorrectly told that it’s “required”.

If the line didn’t work and you’re using unity3d, then I’ve got no immediate idea for it.

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Adding to what craven said, make sure that the (itemName).unity3d the (itemName).dat and the folder holding all three have the exact same name.
I’m pretty sure this can also be caused by incorrect unity version usage so make sure you’re running a version that current unturned likes.

If neither of these things work, you’re most likely missing the item gameobject and you should check within unity.

I believe it’d give an error or a different message if the wrong version was used.

2019 LTS should be used although the game still supports 2017 and 2018 LTS versions fine from what I remember.


Is that the entire .dat? because every time I’ve used it, it NEEDS a GUID. you could go to a guid generator site, and get a randomized one, it goes on the first line of text of the entire .dat file… I also just generated a fresh one due to the sites occasionally being not very safe internet-wise, so try plugging this in to the first line and it should work.

GUID 974ab4225ef242fdbaa5e3b64a9f58db

Example: image

GUIDs are automatically generated by the game, they shouldn’t be added manually.

If they don’t generate, then it’s because of an issue causing the item not to load.


I usually put my own GUIDs if I make stuff like NPCs. It’s too much effort to reload the game multiple times to generate a new GUID, while most of the time it wont even generate one.

As Craven said, GUIDs generate automatically when the stuff is made right.
@Mami do not add an externally generated GUID, fix the mod so that the game generates one itself.

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