Mist (I believe that’s how it’s written the name of thing formed by humidity)

Go reduce vision camp. Is just this same nothing special.

My suggestion is add Mist

  • It can take days forming in hotten days after rain
  • Can forming after a rain or during
  • It can last for days. (Go deforming with time)
  • Can Move itrself Very slowly,


In case of hot days
1-3 days Forming mist in hot places > 1-3 days moving > 1-7 days deforming (In extreme cases)

In case of hot days with high rain
Form during the rain -> 1day Deforming after rain


It is pretty much confirmed that 4.0 is going to have dynamic weather events.

How does air exactly make you move slower?It’s not toxic or anything.

I think he meant the air can actually move the player by itself… but that’s even farther out there

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Maybe he meant your character would move slowly so as to not bump into anything

All y’all, he means mist will pass through, like real weather. F1, we have absolutely no idea if most would be in-game. If it says it on the telly, that’s usually that he might do it, but not always. Anyways, this is still a genuine suggestion. So yeah

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Careful movement in low visibility situations is mostly up to the player,not the game.


Well,you’re right on that.

about your and many other questions about this topic

  • Can move yourself very slowly

the air move clouds, the air move the mist

Sry my english =P

That doesn’t really explain it, If its moving the clouds and mist why “move yourself” ???

It should probably read as “itself” not “yourself” unless you’re talking to the mist.

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its just to dont appear a thing so artificial

So it follows the player camera like a doom sprite? That really wouldn’t look too good unless executed like the smoke from CS:GO which uses the same rendering process.

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I understand that, I was just trying to translate it

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