Moderator Flairs | May 28, 2020

  • Updated Discourse from v2.5.0.beta3 to v2.5.0.beta5.
  • Updated the docker manager.
  • Updated all third-party plugins, themes, and theme components.

New moderator avatar flairs

It’s also on the right side now.


We’ve updated the avatar flair given to moderators to be a cyan hammer. Additionally, category moderators and SDG employees have the same flair.

Notification page filtering


Users can now filter through the notifications page based on read status.

Internet Explorer support ends soon

If you still use Internet Explorer, you should consider not doing that.

Internet Explorer support completely ends in a few days (June 1, 2020). The next time we update the SDG Forum, support will be ended entirely. If you attempt to visit the site will using Internet Explorer, you will be unable to view content.

Text search bar [SDG Blog]

It’s a search bar.

While visiting the SDG Blog, you can now use a search bar to better filter through posts. Maybe you’re trying to find an answer to a certain question you have, or you just want to find all the information we’ve posted on a specific topic. Now you can do so much more easily.


ah yes, I can flex even more



Yeah now that you say it you can flex your moderator role as well as your leader rank at the same time! that’s lit!