Monolith Arena part two


Why does it look so retarded. It should be called the xrectangular prison.

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Controller looks like it suffered a downgrade and the console itself really does seem like they gave up on aesthetics.

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I hate the colors on the buttons

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Functionality > Aesthetics

Especially when you have to trim costs down otherwise your customers have to pay a surprise $100 more this year because of select trade deals / tariffs / taxes / etc. It looks like a computer because it’s meant to run more like a computer, and it’ll save customers money.

Computers have been slowly replacing consoles as the living room console, which makes sense considering that consoles have been falling behind in power and ports have always been difficult due to the hardware limitations.

I hate the colors for the buttons though. I don’t think they actually changed the colors though, and that this image is just misleading. It wouldn’t make sense to change the colors, as it’d actually hurt the company due to the association of the colors to the brand. At the very least, they wouldn’t make X red and B green.


Regardless of the button colours, you could either replace them yourself or buy the 1,000,000,000+ Controllers that will be released over the consoles lifetime, a number of which will most likely be released on launch.

You just roasted the fuck out of XBox!

I did color grade it to match the background so the colors probably got fucked up in the process so yeah

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