Moon cycles affecting zombies

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The general idea of this post is to think of some different events that change how the turned zombie guys “think”.

In 3.x all we have is the full moon, it makes zombies spawn more often and more aggressive, this is a great way to shake things up, but once you have a bullet and a few guns it gets a little stale.

In 4.x, instead of complicating the fullmoon, maybe adding different events would be a better way to go.

Full moon

TL:DR this makes zombies migrate through different zones


During a full moon, the light being reflected from the moon is the highest through the whole lunar cycle, making it easier for zombies to see. If they can see better then they can move better right.

The zombies in this phase have a one main goal, to get from their original location to their destination. They would mostly begin to move at the same speed, slowing or speeding up depending on the zombie’s type. In turn, the migrating zombies will chomp whatever lies in their path, including but not limited to: cars people animals trees pennies grass and ceramic.

The eyes of the zombies would glow white, using eachother as beacons of a horde.

Blood moon

TL:DR this makes zombies more aggressive and powerful. (3.x moon)


A blood moon in real life is essentially a lunar eclipse, but it would make more sense instead of randomly spooking/messing with players that this would occur during a new moon. It’s better to have a predictable event with unpredictable consequences rather than an unpredictable event that gets you unfairly.

The blood moon would make zombies harder, more aggressive and more intelligent, hearing and seeing further in front of them with glowy red night-vision eyes. (Yeah they hear with their eyes so what)

Blue moon

TL:DR The blue moon would be a reverse blood moon, making zombies docile unless provoked.


On the opposite end of the lunar cycle from the blood moon, a blue moon would occur, having a chance to take over full moons. During this state, zombies would go lovey dovey and avoid players, but defend themselves only when attacked.

Their eyes would glow blue like the moon, signalling their passivity.


There is a catch to each lunar event though, zombies will only affect zombies with eyes beneath moonlight. This means reclusive 40 year old basement zombies will be a no show in a horde, as will zombies that rely on hearing. (the ones with no eye balls)

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then we can have modes that have the full/blood moon attributes constantly


all cool except for the eye colour bit. I think they should maybe be white for all of them, looks a bit nicer I think

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Voted yes because of groovy pie chart


terraria flashbacks

not the doors…
anything but the doors…


Da Zombies be jammin’ during the blue moon to Eifeel 65 - Blue


Blue moons be like


I used to wonder why people would willingly commit homicide, but now I understand.


I like the ideas, but I was thinking about this blue moon recently and would the military base turneds also be affected? As this would generate a small flaw that could compromise the game a little (novice players who entered a server during a blue moon and entered a military base, and then left armed to the teeth), maybe I would prefer to see the blue moon as an easteregg . As for the other moons, I quite like them.

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I was that vote… Shh

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you should have asked me, I am the one who came up with the idea.

and to solve that problem, I made the suggestion that no rare loot/op loot could be found during the blue moon. Only simple stuff like, food, drinks, rope, and etc.

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Even on military bases?
In my opinion I could take a little bit of HARDCORE, which, personally, I think should be present in the game.
So, I believe it is well in the game as an easteregg, or something.

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The blue moon itself would be a rare event, it wouldn’t be occurring at specific times. So I think it’s well within the bounds of being a fair addition to the game. It’s not like a blue moon would happen every other night, so it wouldn’t take away from the difficulty of the game.

I think of the blue moon as just being a mere break from the horde of non-stop zombies I’d imagine being in the game. It’s like a brief moment of rest for all the players.


I understand your point.

I personally believe that hordes should happen like in 7DTD, every 7 days, or every two weeks, because uninterrupted hordes can be very boring, and the player may not have time to fix his base, for example.

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This idea seems very interesting for spicing up the game-play, but in my opinion, instead of having no difference for a few days and boom! full moon, we could have a small but gradual increase in the number of roamers depending on the phase of the moon, and a sudden increase on the night of the full moon.


I didn’t want to steal your post, I just wanted to expand on your ideas.

I credited you at the top so I thought it’d be fine. Sorry if you don’t think I credited you enough, I can change the post if you like.


nah it’s fine, I’m literally at the top of the post so I think that’s good enough credit. I’m happy to see my idea(s) getting recognition