More craftable weapons in 4.0?

So, I think that craftable weapons in unturned should be playing a much bigger role than what they do now. I’ve had almost no combat against or with a crafted weapon. There is this small percentage of people who actually craft this weapon, and it is pretty decent in my opinion, but it’s not frequently used.
I would like to know your opinions on this topic. Thx.

Given the amount of people vouching for the addition of better and more numerous makeshift weapons, along with Nelson Sexton’s proclamation of ‘factorio as an inspiration’, it’s safe to say that your desires are likely.

In addition, Unturned II/4.0 is supposedly going to be more ‘survival based’, so it may be expected that you’re more likely to find scraps than actual weapons, along with the seeming future incompleteness of scavenged weaponry.
As you can see from this image, “Barrel”, “Stock”, and “Handguard” are modifications, thus the potential of finding a weapon without barrels, stocks, or handguards.

Thx for replying. It really sounds good to me that it’ll be much more survival based than what it is now. What if a craftable stock is added or even a crafted grip.

Craftable bullets are planned, and craftable components have been mentioned in a devlog before.

Craftable components will be interesting, but I don’t think they’ll be that useful unless a majority of the weapons spawn without such components to begin with, as I can’t imagine they’ll be any good stat-wise.


I mean, maybe you could tape a flashlight to a barrel, but you’d just ruin a perfectly good barrel, and I’m pretty sure DIY red dot sights will not be a thing

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