More critters

Adding more small critters would add to immersion and make the game feel more live. Just a few small critters would be needed. Ducks squirrels and some small birds would make the game much more live in areas such as forests.


This has great mega-thread potential, Imagine bugs in unturned or even infected ones that spread disease and lower your immunity so it would fit the apocalypse feel, maybe even find colonies of these things and have your base get infested



But I think if it (bugs/very small creatures) isn’t so fps friendly, it could be visual only.

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Raising bee would be an insane idea , especially because honey dont spoil .


A nice short post, but yeah, could you be more specific.
I think visual bugs and prehaps rats would be cool.

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Rats, didnt think about that! It would definately be cool to have them in sewers and lower condition houses. Maybe as a last resort food source.

Rats could also damage food storages , needing the player to use cats .

They would have to be done really simply maybe as just cuboid like shapes coloured in.

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