More Easter Eggs

Make an easter egg where you have to do something similar to the MKII easter egg but it’s a portal gun and also it’s going to be harder.

Ummmm,a portal gun would be unrealistic and overpowered to say the least


I think there should be more Easter-eggs, but they should be subtle, as well. Something like the earbuds, the beret, the cheese, etc. But having more Easter-eggs like the MK.II would be cool, too.


On “Nevada” map around a51, infested with hostile NPCs and a Shadowstalker Mk.MMXVII on the lowest floor with 50% spawn chance.

Bring back the zombies that ran like Naruto in 2.X, but only have them spawn in/around Area 51

Edit: wait I thought this was #community-lounge:memes


Lol I remember when I was doing Nevada for 3.0 with bungo and jackostar


I hope there’s nothing like the MK2 repeated again on II.

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