More Options for the Modders

Nelson, you should add more options for the modders.
#1 Like the modders can put Working Buttons on their HUD.
#2 Modders can bind their HUD in any key.
#3 Modders can change the HUD of HP, Food, Water and that things.

That can will help so much to the Modders Community!

If you’re asking what I think you are:
1: what
2: Do you mean hiding the hud?
3: Why do we need that?

If AJ’s translation is accurate, 1 and 2 are already implemented.

  1. you mean bind keys to do certain actions?
  2. so you activate and deactivate the hud whenever you want?
  3. alright. so we could change the hud from the circles 4.0 might be going for to 3.0s style?

To clarify for @anon95004049 and @Aj_Gaming, OP is asking for a way for modders to create custom HUDs that can be activated via a key press, and can be interacted with (without having to use chat, like plugins require).

OP then asks for a way to change the user interface for the player’s various statuses. Whether he means modifying the current UI, or just being able to change the design of it, I am unsure.

Was suggested in the past. Might happen, but incredibly low priority afaik (if it even will happen at this point).

If you mean redesigning the HUD, that’s supposedly always been possible (except documented absolutely nowhere by anybody, much less even attempted by someone).

Slightly unrelated, but I believe that the gesture menu can be reused by a plugin. However, players wouldn’t be able to gesture if you did that. I’m also unsure of what limitations such a decision would bring.

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Yeah I understood that, sorry if I didnt make it obvious.

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