More reasons for reporting posts

I think it’d be nice if there was a “The post is low quality” option when you report a post, as well as perhaps a few other ones like “The post is insulting to other users/staff members.” I think this would help everyone out overall.



I feel as though people would take the first suggested option as a “I disagree with this post and it needs to go” or as a “this post wasn’t formatted well enough for my liking.” If something is that terrible of a post, it can most likely fall under the current categories or if very dire then it’d fall under the “something else” category. I don’t think there’s ever enough of a reason to warrant a specific report group for it, honestly. You could even talk to that person privately.

The latter, I’d reword but otherwise be okay with. However, I prefer using “something else” for that type of issue because they’re usually more personal, and I feel that it’s less of a black-and-white situation when it comes to that type of issue.

EDIT: Allowing for personal notes on all reports would help.


I think that all posts (excluding spam, repost, double post, etc…) no matter how ‘low-quality’ it may be, should be welcomed by the community. But that shouldn’t stop users from criticizing the post.