More servers slots

In Unturned 4.0 You should increase limit of slot or just even remove limit, to do for maps like Germany or Russia 60-70 slots :smiley:

You can already host maps beyond 24 players. It’s just not recommended because of stability issues.

Not really, because if i will do server with 24+ slots its not gonna be on global servers list .___.

It could totally happen, it’ll just be heavily tied into optimization, something Nelson’s been avoiding work on for a long while.

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Because they’re not stable and not recommended. :wink:

This post should actually just be suggesting improving optimization (in general), because just increasing the max count allowed on a server wouldn’t do anything (or if it did, nothing good/worthwhile).

So that comes down to asking for better map and multiplayer optimization as they are more commonly noted, but better optimization in general. Theoretically, this can be done in Unturned 3, too.

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I agree, unturned 4.x should have 48 player servers listed on the browser. But that’s only going to happen after server optimization.

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