More vehicle armaments and more advanced mechanics

Hi would like to make a meybe questionable suggestion. In Unturned 4.0 or Unturned 2(how ever you preffer it). I would like to see more vehicle weapons to be added but to be able to be operated by one person. So if you have a jet whit a 20mm cannon and Air to air rockets you would be able to use them both. As on the topic of Air to Air rockets i would also like to see support for Laser guidence and Heat seaking, Wire guided, Meybe possibly TV guided rockets. Now you might say this is would be to OP but i would argue and just suggest it to make it Ultra rare or make it some kind of a tought proces to get it. Like have to collect multipule keycards to unlock a bunker, and then meybe find some repleacment pars for the Vehicle. Ammo would be rare or also hard to find. As it would all be military stuff. Thank you if you took your time to read this suggestion. And Also thanks to Nelson If he considers this and for making such a great game as 3.0. Thanks again to all.

This isn’t something Nelson needs to see, by the way. Armed vehicles are something that anyone will be able to do, Nelson just needs to add the functionality which is already most-likely going to happen. Also, you may end up being able to use some weapons (pistols) while driving a car. I also wouldn’t argue it would be overpowered. The jet is rarely used to combat, even on creative servers where it is mainly used for quick transport.


Wire guided I can see happening, laser guiding to some extent if you have to keep the target designator on the target at all times, however anything that’s automatically homing seems extremely unfair to me, unless you implemented chaff and flares as well.

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Yea i would also think if you have locking on sruff. That counter messures come whit out question but yea i did not specifiy flares my bad.

Now, you must dedicate an entire alicepack’s worth of space to flares when traveling on an airborne vehicle.

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I don’t want to be a sucker, but it sounds useless because air vehicles like the jet are not used much, because it is very rare to find it and then you are going to have to look for that super rare ammunition, I mean, Nelson would waste time doing this, while he could do more important things

Meybe but this would help other comunitys, like military rp, also this feature could be used in organised base raids like if there are some big clans on a server and one has a big base and you can do shit form the sky but that’s my opinion.

Ever heard the term “Napalm sticks to kids”?

it seems like a good idea but you have to improve it, because even if it seems a little bit exaggerated, but good luck :wink:

I would prefer vehicles with weapons to need more than one person to operate, as a single player in a possible tank (if one exists in the game), with a machine gun, can kill dozens of players without a suitable weapon to counter that tank.
Therefore, I prefer that vehicles that have weapons, including jets, that can have rotating cannons with hundreds of ammunition and air-to-air missiles, need more than one player to operate it correctly.

I didn’t mean it like battlefield operation of tanks. I more ment is as if you are piloting a helicopter you should have access to un-guided missiles, atgms, aa missiles what ever you have on the helicopter you should be able to operate it as a pilot. Of course not the co-pilot gun.

So you want a feature that applies only to helicopters and planes, correct?
So I’m sorry for the mistake, but I thought it would apply to everyone because of the title.

Still, I find it uninteresting, because again a single armed person on a helicopter can defeat another helicopter with 2 or 3 players, which would probably end the sense of cooperative work: "why are we going to have two players in a helicopter while we can have 2 helicopters with these two players? ".

Well you se in a helicopter dependent on which one is it 2 people or 1 person are trained to operate it’s weapon systems. In the current unturned it rly kills my immersion considering I play on a military rp server and we have to compromise whit few armaments and features.
I think if not adding the feutre to vanilla unturned 2 at least the mod makers should be able to make it.

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Ready! For mod creators I think it is great, mainly because it allows for different types of servers with different games, and at this point, I am completely in favor. But in the vanila game, I believe it is not a good addition, as it can interfere with aspects of gameplay and PvE.

I do agree whit you on the vanilla aspect of it. But I think it should still be possible to do as a modder as that would help as again it would improve the experience of certain comunitys whit out having to switch to a different game, as some people might not be able to run those other games.

I want HARMS so I can shoot down anything with a an actively scanning radar on my site of the map since that violates the NAP

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