More weapons added to Unturned 3.0

Hey everyone. I am new and this is my first thread ever. English is only a second language so I will try my best. I am just here because I just wanted to share my point of view and hopefully change things just a little.

I just would like Unturned 3.0 to have more ranged weapons than it currently has.They all feel kinda similar and do not enrich the gameplay that much. Plenty of firearms have been added through the curated maps but were unfortunately removed. So here are some suggestions of weapons that would be added to the game forever and would make Unturned even greater.

*A tommy gun. A thompson.
This would be great to rp and pvp as a mobster,

*A grenade launcher with different types of ammo (smoke, incendiary, sticky grenades…)

*Some new sniper rifles.
There are currently 3 snipers in the game (timberwolf ekho grizzly) with the third one being the best.
I want to see some bolt action rifles that one shot in the head no matter the protection to make it a bit more balanced. I was really disapointed to see that the snowfox wasn’t in the game. It would be the ultimate sniper, rewarding accuracy over spamming.

  • More secondary pistols and revolvers. I loved the orel (Ireland) and the Monsieur (France), both removed. A greater diversity is needed with automatic pistols and maybe adding some powerful revolvers that could potentially go toe to toe with some carbines.

There we go. I don’t even know if anyone will read this but if someone from Nelson’s team sees this, just please consider it.


A PPSH or a ‘Tommy Gun’ is already in the game, it’s called the ‘Calling Card’.

A grenade launcher wouldn’t fit nicely within a survival game already plagued with raiding issues.

The game has plenty of snipers, I don’t think any more are needed.

More pistols and potentially new revolvers would be a nice addition, but it wouldn’t be addressing the fact that they just aren’t viable compared to a common SMG.

Generally speaking, Unturned doesn’t need new guns, official, curated or otherwise.

Edit: I’ve now been informed that the PPSH and the Tommy Gun are different guns. It’s been nice knowing you all, I can hear the gun nuts knocking down my door with their rifle stocks.



guns in Unturned are all the same if you look at them with a critical eye. most shotguns are the same, except the masterkey and devilsbane. One sucks and the other is over powered

every assault rifle is the exact same and you cannot change my mind. There is little-to-no difference between each of these guns besides their firemodes

the LMGs are so radically different and none of them are reliable enough for PVP

the SMGs go pew pew fast but not far

the pistols are all useless, except the cobra, which is just an SMG

snipers do big damage from far

There is pretty much no tactical difference between any of these guns. There will be the occasional internally suppressed gun or automatic shotgun, but those weapons are between a plethora of reskinned weapons.

I think curated maps should make new guns to replace old guns, that way they can have the opportunity balance them however they want. Rebalancing can avoid the monotony of Unturned’s weapon classes and make whatever zany hybrid gun they’d like. An explosive shotgun or an automatic grenade launcher - curated creators have the ability to reshape and rebalance the meta of their map.


No more weapons should be added to the game at this point I would prefer balancing to the existing armory that nelson has already created for the game. (kids get carried by maple strike to heavily)

A lot of the weapons you want have already been added in by modders. In fact, XtremelyEvil’s gun mod meets almost all of the requirements you listed; it adds the Thompson, various new powerful sniper rifles, a grenade launcher, and various powerful revolvers. Even though it might not be the base game, it can help if you’d like to experience these weapons in singleplayer.

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Except it is a mod. So I won’t find those guns on any survival server I go.
Also I know that mod thanks anyway.

Also if you go on most of the survival servers on Washington, PEI or Russia , only 3 snipers are available. I wouldn’t call that a lot.

Hello Danaby. I really loved you curated maps!
However what did you mean when you copied my post haha?


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Why not? There was a good point made by @Azzaholic earlier that most guns in Unturned are the same. Sadly I’m pressed to agree, unless the meta is broken, we don’t need any new snipers until they offer something new.


I feel they should add the snowfox in the official game.
A beautiful black bolt action rifle that one hits in the head.

Curated content stays as curated content sadly, nothing made by the community can get added in ‘officially’.

And that in my opinion is really sad. Sometimes the community has slmething to offer to the game.

Guns just need a rework in terms of damage and balance in general, which will hopefully be executed in UII better than in Unturned 3.0.

I really like your idea


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