Morphine and Adrenaline overhaul

Morphine and adrenaline were not bad at serving their job in 2.0, back then, Morphine healed 10% of your health and repaired your bone (?) with no side effects, Adrenaline gave all of your stamina back also with no side effects, enter Unturned 3.0, and they have gotten useless. Let’s make them good again!

Morphine: So, morphine is supposed to be a painkiller better than painkiller pills, because it makes sense, doesn’t it? Here’s what i would do:

Morphine Stats: When injected, your health will regenerate 75% quicker, even under 90% hunger and thirst! broken bone repairment still exists. It’s side effects are losing 3% of your radiation (1% of your radiation with max Immunity skill.) and if you inject too much morphine (Let’s say 5 injections.) you might hallucinate, inject even more morphine and you will die!

Adrenaline: By doing some research, Adrenaline is not only an injection of stamina, but also a reviving syringe. Here’s what i would do:

Adrenaline Stats: When injected, your health increases by 15% (115%), your stamina will not deplete, you will run faster,(Signalized by a higher FOV) and if you die under the effects of adrenaline, you will be revived! Although it has the same side effects of the overhauled Morphine…

Morphine Time until Effects Fade Out: 15 seconds. Adrenaline Time until Effects Fade Out: 20 seconds.

Did you like the idea? Perhaps you want to switch up the overhaul to suit your playstyle? Don’t hesitate and post a reply! Oh, and if i copied someone’s post, I am very sorry, i am new here and i initially posted this on the Steam Forums.


Nice ideas! I think they could do with some stat changes as well since I would really only use the Adrenaline, and even then probably not that often.

Morphine seems kind of just like a weaker healing option with bonus stamina. Instead of having a ton of hp regeneration I think it’d be good to have it give a % damage reduction or have a % of damage apply over time after the effect wears off, or deal most of the damage at the end of the effect since its meant to let you ignore pain, not heal it. Probably not that much armor though, a 10 or 15% reduction/DoT would be good I think. The bone breaking thing can stay, but it would also be nice if it made you immune to or at least stopped bleed damage from happening while its active, since i’m not really sure bone breaking is all that common. Plus, splits exist and they’re much easier to get.

For Adrenaline the speed up seems like a good addition, but the revive might be a bit too much. Maybe after reaching 0 hp theres a 1 or 2 second window where the enemy can finish you and you can’t move, but if they dont you can get back up with 25-30% hp based on how much longer the adrenaline effect had left. For example, if it was active for 10 seconds you would get back up with 12 or 15 hp with the Adrenaline effect wearing off. Having a revive would be unfair to someone who did beat you, so having it weak would make it less unfair (if it would even be included). Also, the stamina shouldn’t be infinite since there are skills that pretty much make that happen anyways. If it removed the downtime for stamina to regen and boosted it’s regen rate that would be nice! (Maybe even increase your max stamina based on the remaining time as well?) I’m not too sure on the hp increase though, you’re already a bit harder to hit since you’re faster.

I think on the second injection of anything (excluding vaccine maybe) you should hallucinate, then on the third one die if it was within 1 or 1.5 minutes of the first injection so that they can’t be abused too much. Having a visual effect for the buffs is a good idea! An effect for Morphine as well as having them fade out or flash a bit to let you know its about to run out would be good too. Making the effects start out not lasting very long but have their durations increase based on your Healing skill would be a neat idea but I think it’d be a bit too much. I think Morphine should last longer than Adrenaline, since you’re just backloading the damage, not making it harder for your opponent to hit you. (Also have the healing item use speed increase with healing skill :x )


Yeah, i also like that, i think it’s more pvp-focused but eh, if Nelson ever thinks on overhauling Morphine and Adrenaline, they could choose either my idea or yours. I certainly approve of the hallucination taking place at 2 injections (I don’t even know why i thought of 5 injections) and dying at the third one. I think i got the HP regeneration idea from Half-Life, although in there you just walk to a morphine dispenser or smth and it will heal you when you interact with it, Mine was an effect where your health regenerates over time for 15 seconds (Yeah i exaggerated on that one, you would be a living tank if it happened). I like the adrenaline revive change, and “the stamina shouldn’t be infinite” and HP increase thing, It’s up to the community to decide. Anyway i wish you best of luck in the Unturned community and if you think on responding, we could talk things out and i maybe will edit the overhaul. See ya!

Now that I think about it, maybe punishing people for using items that supposed to help them is not the best idea. Maybe it will slow you down by a significant amount for the same time the buffs would work normally? Say, 60%?

I mean, if you injected a lot of morphine irl you would hallucinate and maybe even die because it’s a medical drug, i believe the same happens with adrenaline. I will leave that one for the community as well.

Yeah, then maybe we can utilize the immunity stat so that if player uses too much in a short span of time he will, as you said, hallucinate and receive significant debuff to immunity? (The immunity debuff not being tied to overdose mechanic, e.g. applying on the first use aswell)

Sure, and what about the “dying from morphine/adrenaline overdose” thing?

I just offered a way to swap it for a more forgiving kind of punishment system

Ok… well i would let the community decide then, and i know you will get annoyed when i say that but whatever.

I will agree


Morphine and adrenaline do need more uses.


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