Changing stances uses up stamina (crouching, proning, standing up),
unable to move durning the changing of stances (meaning if im standing still and press the bind to go prone, I can only start moving when im actually prone),
unable to move mid air (When i walk forward and jump, i will jump forward and cant go left/right during the jump, if i hold D and jump i will jump to the right and cant move forwards/backwards during the jump etc.)

Possible freefalling stance when jumping from a high distance like an airplane, things fall faster, and its easier to die from falling.

Jumping in water from 500m should still kill you

Some weapons require going prone or a bipod of maximum potential, such as high caliber and stronger snipers, and LMGs. LMGs should be very deadly when deployed but when moving an assault rifle could easily replace it.

Longer lung capacity underwater, only able to use pistols on surface of water, harder swimming based on equipment.

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That seems a little strange, but i mean constantly moving from a prone position to standing is tiring irl, i guess.

No, you can just lean forward into a crawl to keep some momentum. Or dive. Being halted to a standstill when i change stances would be very jarring.


fortnite Seems kinda unnecessary to me, but maybe.

Eeeeh, water in games should always be seen as a tactical fall damage mitigator imo.

Yeah, i like that. Specifically for the big anti tank snipers like the grizzly and hecate.


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I mean when you stand still, if you are moving and change you could still dive

I don’t think there are going to be many instances where you hit water, let alone land from 500 meters. The tallest buildings in U3 are probably no more than 50m tall.

It was a hyperbole

Do you mean to imply that there won’t be fighter jets in Unturned II? I am simply astounded. I’m phoning up the peeler as I write you, and he doesn’t sound much happier either.

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This is a good idea, especially if Nelson wants to make the game harder and more realistic.

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I have no idea how I didn’t think of that. After all, Astronaut is a part of my username, which implies I make a living off of climbing into big metal things that fly (hopefully) over 500m upwards.

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