Moving Cargo

We’ve all done it. Stacked storage containers in our vehicles/bases. But the one thing about its convenience was the fact that you had to take out each and every single item, you put in there, and move each and every one to the next container.

I hope such a thing won’t exist in 4.x and instead you can move storage containers with the items still inside as it awaits its placement and for your hand to reach in there to pull out the Shadowstalker you’ve been aching to use.

Anyone agree?


If items could remain inside of their respective storages it would be a lot easier, nicer and realistic.

I proposed a similar feature in this post. There are good suggestions that might be compatible with your idea.

Warning: pretty long post.

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By moving the entire crate I assume you mean by picking it up and moving it, because salvaging it with items still inside is a bit overpowered.

It is. Also, salvaging the crate and letting all items out just to replace it somewhere else is very unpractical; that’s why I made my building post.

I made a similar thread a few months ago, but I didn’t really word it that well.

An easier way of having and transporting storage in bulk would be really convenient.

Nice,tired of having to do 500 routes back and forth just to move my items when changing base location.
With this I can just load them into my helicopter, and move them once and for all.

If you can afford a tow helicopter plus a big container, or 2 cargo trucks with help of a friend, then yes :smiley:

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