Moving while in inventory

just a small but useful feature, being able to move/drive while you’re in your inventory.
So you don’t have to stand still to get your gun while being chased by someone or if you’re in a vehicle.

I posted this because I don’t know if it’s already confirmed.


I like that idea, makes gameplay more dynamic

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I do also like the idea, but then it would make getting caught off guard less punishing wich I don’t know if I like. You should not be able to move when you are looting a body and if you are running when you equip a gun or weapon from your inventory it should take longer to equip and your speed should be reduced slightly, but that’s just my opinion


I think it’s a great idea. I can see where some complaints would be but since using healing items is planned to require holding still for a small period of time, this seems like it would be really balanced and useful


I think the best way to counter this is to restrict movement to movement keys only. No changing stance, no sprinting, etc.


It might even be a good idea, but I think it would take some of the realism out of the game.

Ignoring that realism isn’t really a valid complaint, this would make it more realistic because you can move and drive while taking things out of bags and such.


i mean pubg did it and it makes the movement more fluid

It’s not about fluidity
It’s about makimg the player feel vulnerable while looting
Forcing players to make a choice whether to risk your life for the loot, or stay safe and check for any other threat.

However, this will make looting less of a choice and more of an obligation which can make the game feel easier, which was an issue with 3.0

The reason why Im saying what Im saying is because I dont want the game to feel linear. Get gun, kill, loot, escape, use new gun, kill, escape. I want the players to always have a choice which will make the game less boring.

Hope I changed some minds, if not, oh well


Okay, I do not have that capability. :disappointed:
Usually I need to sit still to tinker with my backpack.

I’m sorry for taking 2 days to respond :sweat_smile:

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