Multiplayer Map Making


Idea from my boy Flodo.
Map making where a host edits a map along with other players.

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I have been wanting this for quite some time, now.


i’d like to see 2 types of multiplayer editors: Mlegacy and Mdevkit.

both would work basically like a normal editor, except its multiplayer, duh. maybe people could have a floating name above their position, along with a box telling what are they editing, i.e.:

  • AnimaticFreak
  • Currently editing: player spawns

also something that might be usefull is adding a chat for the editor, for communication purposes.

i might come back later with more ideas…


Just made me realize that, even if this was a priority, the Devkit would have to be finished first (if it was to even be compatible with the Devkit to begin with). You can’t do everything with the Devkit, so there’d have to be some new features put in to make this more “practical.”

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I don’t see why not

holy shit the time it would save and more fun it would be while making maps.

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