Multiple account workshop content

The Titel might be a bit underwhelming but hear me out.

So I own 2 steam accounts and one of which I use to play on and the other to upload my content on.
When uploading workshop content on that account I can connect to lets say my own server.
But the moment I try to use my second account to play on that server Unturned will state:
server was not authorized by the creators of 2 workshop item to use their content.

This is due to the IP address security that I put on my workshop files so that other people can’t use them without permission. But for some reason this causes the game to my believes think that I’m playing from a different IP or something seeing the game wont allow me to connect with the second account.

I didn’t really know where to put this so my bad if I put this in the wrong place. I thought I’d just mention this seeing I haven’t seen that much information about the whole IP security on workshop files.

@TXCNNetworks I think this is more of an overall Steam Workshop problem rather than a problem with uploading to Unturned’s specific Steam Workshop.

Wouldn’t it be able to be fixed by unturned registering where to accounts are being used so that you don’t get locked out of servers if you used your second account to upload the workshop item with?

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