Mutual Benefit [Thoughts and a some suggestions]

Hey you! Yeah, I know this post’s kinda long but it might actually be worth reading. The paragraphs below aren’t really talking about a suggestion but rather my perspective of things and how I saw it, compared to how I see it now.

I think I get it now. Why Unturned 2.0 was different to 3.0. It’s not because 3.0 was more focused on PVP. No, it’s not that at all. I think the real reason for this is that someone can survive on their own and become insanely overpowered. Essentially, become a self sustained killing machine. Let’s face it. Unturned has an end game. Practically this occurs when you get full military and a maplestrike with a drum and barrel, +chainsaw. Zombies become a joke, players are easy to kill for the most part, and you end up killing everyone unless someone more OP than you engages you in combat. (Talking about regular players I’ve met, not some op beast that has insane skills, P9nda cough)

So why was this different in 2.0? Just because of one simple concept. The feeling that you can’t survive on your own. The feeling of insecurity… the feeling that told you that you need to group up to survive and build a base. Every concept in that game complimented that, from the weight system preventing you from carrying 20 Medkits and literally every firearm that exists, to the zombies being INSANELY hard to kill. The game was just… dunno… the best game ever! Literally every one of my friends said that. “Dude this is like the best game ever!” That’s what I thought at first, when I saw that on a twitch streamer’s stream a long time ago. So yeah, that’s what I think was different. I recently saw a guy named paulsoaresjr’s series on Unturned 2.0 with some other guy, and damn the nostalgia started kicking in. So yeah. I think that 2.0 has a much better “Mutual Benefit” system rather than 3.0, and I wish for this to change in 4.0.

How should this be fixed in 4.0 so it doesn’t veer off on such a tangent? Well, first off, Imagine yourself playing 4.0 in the future, in a PvP situation. So… how do you imagine it? You standing on a roof killing players that pass through the city and then looting them in third person? Probably not, but this is how an average PVP game would hold up. I think that something NECESSARY is the removal of the cursor in third person, and possibly in first person. Second, add gunshots that can be heard from further away, similar to real life. This way, it would be way more stress-inducing unloading a magazine into the air in the middle of a town, just because now everyone is coming to get you! This would encourage accuracy over spraying, making the game much more fun, in my opinion. And last, reduce spawns of auto weapons and encourage using weapons such as bolt action or semi rifles, just to be realistic. I mean honestly, you don’t usually get that many auto rifles in real life without having to get to the most secure of vaults do you?

So yeah. That’s all. If you didn’t read it all, I’ll just tl;dr summarize it for you:

Unturned 2.0 relies on the fact that you can’t be OP and take care of everything yourself. Unturned 3.0 allows the player to be OP and literally carry 20 medkits in their inventory at any time. Unturned 4 should be nerfed, removing crosshairs in 3rd person and altering the spawn rates so that more slow firing weapons can be found in contrast to auto.

Please do indeed write your experiences and thoughts on why the games were so different. Also, I don’t really know where to categorize this, in the 3.0, 2.0 or 4.0 section. It seems like this is a general comparison of the playstiles in the three games.

I don’t believe in these false insecurities in 2.0. Sounds like an exaggeration I usually hear when people talk about how 2.0 was better

The new game is already adding weight to limit the amount of items, plus space smaller than in the current game

No crosshair for 3rd person is fine, though the use of safe corner peeking is still prevalent

I’m not sure if the bottom half is a rarity = balance in disguise

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Just stay alive.


Gonna try Unturned 2.0 soon and test by myself if is it like that. Are there still 2.0 servers on?

Also, Unturned 3.0’s features actually point directly to be focused on PvP (despite this wasn’t on Sexton’s intentions), so yeah, if he’d have done the same in 2.0 (adding tanks, sentries, horde beacons, airdrops, tons of guns and attachments, etc., all of these easy to reach), I’m pretty sure it’d have ended exactly the same way.

You were good on everything you said before of this, because there are SO MANY ways on which you could disencourage PvP assholenesses without focusing on gunplay and items rarity, but you just did, so it’s my duty to tell you that it’s not just about making guns rarer and sound louder (which is all planned).

A shit ton of realistic features is coming on the way, so don’t worry about gunplay that much. If everything goes ok, most death causes will be 'cuz of zombies. By that then, you’ll know realism and hardcore PvE won the fight this time.

Definitely love your meme. Danced at it.


My friends told me that they hope Unturned II is more survival based so that pvp isnt as imminent.

I told them not to get their hopes up, I have a certain dislike for a vast majority of the playerbase and server owners tbh. Community itself may be the problem.

3rd person cheese is so real its starting to feel like fortnite more than Unturned lol.

Also, my stance on 2.0 being vastly better than 3.0
I only like 2.0 more because 3.0 is painfully… ABSOLUTELY PAINFULLY COLORFUL.

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Colors aren’t a problem IMO, though we should get a palette pretty similar to 2.0

2.0 wasnt hard at all, there were only 2 types of zombies and the katana out classed all other melee weapons in terms of zombie killing potential, and you could always hide in corners of houses and be untouchable to zombies. Guns weren’t rarer either there were just less servers and more players. Alot of 2.0 comes from rose tinted glasses.

Also again the main advantage from 3rd person is defenders advantage. Recoil is easier in 3rd person but its easy in 1st person too, there isnt that much of a diffrence.

Remove cursor in first person… Interesting!

It’s not. It’s the opposite. He’s saying instead of balancing rare items by simply having them less common in the RNG loot tables, they should be balanced by only spawning in more dangerous areas.

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