MW2019 anyone?

looking for people to play mw2019/warzone with.
Kd: 1.13
Hours played :32 hours mw, 32 hours warzone
Rank: 169 (prestige 4)
Fav gun: M13
Playing: Ground war, hardcore shoot house + shipment, Plunder
Communication: Snapchat, Discord, in-game chat

Sorry, I don’t want to get brain damage. I prefer Arma 3 or Squad.

Nothing against you, but putting down arcade shooters like “lol arcade shooters, i play milsims” is something that really fucking irks me. To each their own, you know ?


How would you even check stats? Not terribly interested in playing, just wanted to compare stats but can’t find how (preferably without launching the game as I would have to do yet another 60 GB update)

You are the walking stereotype, lurk two more years


You can check stats on or with the mobile companion app. Only mobile app shows playtime tho (I think)

@darkySp I like Battlefield and isn’t that an arcade shooter?

Well, that sucks. Not checking that, already enough junk on my phone as is.


Actually, does do playtime, if you go into the details tab on your page. Guess I’m just ■■■■■■■■.

It is, but you had to give the big boy examples of Arma and Squad

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