My attempt of 4.0 Timberwolf sounds

A short demonstration of my audios that is exclusive to Timberwolf or any other related sniper rifle in 4.0/II. Later clip demonstrates it in small action with full reload as well. Again this is just attempt and it will be either for my personal mods or development team mods. I won’t send directly to Nelson himself at least not yet & background music is implemented to prevent theft of audio from the original creator.

What do you think about it? Leave opinions down below about what you think of my take.
Credits go to Great Hero J for the music used.


I really like the hammer and bolt sounds, but the actual firing sound could be a bit longer without sounding ‘condensed’ in a sense. Really great job though :))

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I need new pants

But in all seriousness, these honestly sound very well done and quite cool. Great job!

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There is a long echo, sadly the rest had to be intentionally covered with music.

damn your good at making sounds

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The gun shot should be way louder than the bolt, as irl bolts dont make that much sound.

i think he did it so we could hear the reload. I don’t think that’s how the original one sounds

I wonder where you’re getting these ones. Internets, real-life owned gun or 100% made in some audioapp?
If only you can, try to be real-life accurate, unlike most studios

maybe a higher pitched beginning would sound better, to give it more of a realistic**pop** sound.

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but that’s what sound-design is about. HYPERREALISM. It’s not supposed to sound “real-life accurate” but powerful, and over the top, that’s why sound design is so fun. I mean look at Battlefield.

They have amazing gun sound effects and yet they’re not very accurate to how they sound in real life because then they would all sound the same.

I don’t mean to start a fight, just making some things clear.

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Cool opinion, I’ll keep in mind. But 4.0 is straying to somewhere slightly more realistic and I have to keep it that way, something like the 4.0’s Eaglefire if you have heard that already and carefully. But again thanks and I’ll try to be aware of adding more game aesthetics than real-life aesthetics next time.

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