My attempt of 4.0 Zubeknakov sounds

A short demonstration of my audios that is exclusive to Zubeknakov in 4.0/II. I would say I’m proud of it and hopefully can be used. I won’t send directly to Nelson himself at least not yet & background music is implemented to prevent theft of audio from the original creator.

Leave opinions down below about what you think of my take.


I like it; can’t wait to hear full auto!

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GRIT I love this!

This fits really well maybe try making some sounds for the bluntforce?

it sounds smooth and strong (yet not enough to scare the shit out of me, which is how I want guns in UII to sound like).

Next time make a burst at least, I do enjoy gun shooting eargasms, lmao.

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hmm… Very Cool! hope to see more these in the future.

Very nice sound!

Ok sure, let me finish the 4.0 Timberwolf attempt first.

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Hehe, your promise has been granted.

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Eargasm will come in next day.

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