My Car Mechanics Demonstration


thats preety cool dude good job


Now I’m working on a car based on the MK1 Golf, here’s what I have atm:


(This third image is a bit dated tho, some changes have been made).


looks like misery machine


It’s a game about cars or it’s a game with cars?


It is a survival game, with cars.


If you need help with moddeling stuff I would be happy to help, I’m not the best one in the world but I hope i’m able to help.

Here are some of my recent models. Vehicles made by the community for Unturned II (gallery)


Hey dude, thats great! I really like your models, specially the last ones. The main purpose of my models is beying simplistic, low poly, but still having more or less the same proportions as a real car (I use blueprint

Here's the blueprint I used

Can you contact me in private so we can talk better?