My Experience owning a forum

Be reasonable, understand that you wont be able to be a huge business-wide hit unless you’re a fucking prodigy like my older brother (tons of tech companies were going at it to offer him internship deals and he’s not even applicable for a Bachelor’s Degree yet).
I’m also young, though I understand the risks of sharing specifics online to potentially dangerous public Forums!
And if that sounds boring to you, remember that doing the basics will plant in the brick & mortar for a prosperous career!

Your parents have to have the money to spare you… Just ask! My dad personally set aside 160 USD for a year with a domain name and all that for hobby coding if he ever gave me the offer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, GL!


thanks for the support and good words. I’m not looking to be a huge business-wide hit, I’m looking to make a game with a good community.

That’s just it.


Games are much harder than forums, point still stands

You mentioned two. Might have just shilled one of them in here, fair enough.

Bullshit. Cite your sources.

While that is a valid strategy it might not be the best use of your time, but you be the judge of that. Your time after all, I concede.

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That’s my source

are you australian

edit: nevermind you are

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Yes I am **

bro nelson based?? :flushed::flushed:

/uj gee I fucking wonder who would do that cough cough


Investing money into your own project is now suddenly considered working and minors cannot do that

I know you are 13 but come one. Even Australians are not that cucked in terms of labour laws.


probably you


Necro, ik, but by Australian labor standards, wouldn’t lemonade stands be considered child labor?

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