My idea on sentries, cameras, vehicles, and so for 4.x

okay so I’d like to make a computer setup that’ll allow me to look through cameras, sentries, and control items in my base, and I can control any sentry I have or I can watch the sentry take down the intruders. another thing I’d like to see is vehicles having holes in them and you’ll have to put metal plates in the holes and blowtorch them to the car. following that, I’d like a submarine that is capable to hold my base and it’ll have no water in it but when I find it it’ll have a bunch of holes and will be filled with water. an extra thing I’d like to see is more food items such as: mashed potatoes (I like them), burritos, chili, and other food varieties. but if that’s to much then I just want the computer to control sentries for easier base defense (especially with wave attacks). and I like the pipe ideas so I can make a self functioning base that won’t freeze up when the generator runs out of feul because I’ll have pumpjacks go straight for it. and please keep up the good work Nelson.


Hmmm I want cameras so I can only see what’s happening outside my base without getting harmed

While CCTV might not happen, controlling sentries is a cool idea.

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