My map Norway. Plans and Spoilers Content for map

  • Here I want to show my small plans for my new map Norway.

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  • List item
    • Custom trees.
    • Custom object.
    • Custom foliage&materials.
    • Custom Item.

Release date: unknown

The map will be mountainous. The dead zone will also be like on the map of Russia.

Closer to the cities there will be no trees, but in the forests there will be too much.
Type of trees:
Pine - will meet in the forest.
Poplar - will appear in cities.
Also in the forests there will be different kinds of bushes, namely fern and other species.
Prefabricated version of pine - can change
Prefabricated version of poplar - can change
Prefabricated version of fern - can change
Prefabricated version of bush - can change


It’d be much better to just link a Trello or Github of your ideas and progress then a post will ever explain.


Yay, finally a new scandinavian map !

Looks super cool! Love the tree work you made!

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The trees look really good! I hope this will be a great new map!

nice job,this would be a cured map, if that quality applies to the rest of the map

Man, those trees are awesome! :+1:
Do you have any planned release date? im looking forward to play it on release.

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