My map project that i have been working on



some of you probably already seen this on the subreddit but i just wanted to share this on the forum :slight_smile:


What is the map about, all you are showing is destroyed houses, will this be the whole map?


Is this Ruskinov?

I would recommend you wait until you have more to show before you make a post on the Forums.
Oh and I would not recommend using the “Z” grass, there’s a reason why it’s not used on Russia.


For starters, i’m not a big fan of how you did the materials. Honestly I don’t expect this map to succeed based on what you are showing and how similar it is to most low-effort workshop maps


I did see this on the subreddit, and I didn’t respond because it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to show off here, because this for sure isn’t a complete or near completed map.


hmm, why isn’t the “z” grass used? :thinking:


i mean you detailed it good i’d give ya that
but dude c’mon we need more than a burned house

Also how did you get sand on the russia materials


He used magic


devkit editor


devkit weditor


Wedkit Weditor


ahh yes thank you m8’s

i will use the devkit weditor


Because it is a crop and those are placed as objects for a long time now.


buh-b-but i want long grass!!!


then you make custom grass.
Oh and it’s tall grass.


So they are planting tall grass on farms in Washington? :thinking:


good for the cattle


weed’s legal in washington right


The best thing about this post is the title. It makes me think this dude has been working on this one location for months