My meme post not showing on the front page?

As soon as I posted it, it didn’t appear on the front page.

5m later I refreshed, didn’t show up.

People have been commenting on it, still doesn’t show up.

Memes forum entirely is being weird for me

I go there and my post isn’t even there at the top, even though it was recently commented on

oh ok small edit it wasn’t sorted by activity. but what the hell is it sorted by, by default? it doesn’t appear to be sorted by replies, title, views, or activity.

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For me, it’s sorted by activity by default.

That is, when I look through New or Unread. I don’t ever really use the category headers.

EDIT: Even when I do, it’s sorted by activity, so I’m really not sure what’s going on with yours


Huh. I’m also getting the wonk “nothing in the memes category”, but when I go into it, it shows everything and is sorted by “Top” (I’m on mobile and it may be different. Once I get on PC, I’ll check)

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When you refresh, are you just refreshing normally or are you refreshing your cache? I made a post in a Meme topic as a test, and it’s showing up at the top now. I assume that if there was an issue impacting multiple people, it has since resolved itself and you just need to refresh cache.


Sage, sage in all fileds.
Honestly, can we geta a sage function? It’d be neat.


Maybe because it isnt funny

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Was just thinking this the other day. Sage function would improve the forums tenfold, plus an autosage/bump limit so old shitposts getting necro’d don’t keep flooding the forums.

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B b but muh censorship
I’d say “soft lock” old threads, either OP can approve the necro or a mod can.

no idea what that is

if its censorship, its censorship. already against locking threads just because they’re old, or because the current people commenting are being “”“unproductive”"", or just auto-locking threads in general.

so if someone comes along to necro, the OP can decide to, on his own terms, lock his own post? sounds good to me, but then you’d have people who would find the post, try to contribute, and a grouchy OP locks it. either A the discussion stops, or B they have to mess around with creating an entirely new post, which the person "necro"ing may not have enough time or dedication to do.

Well, thats odd. You seem to be perfectly fine with flagging content you disagree with but locking threads to prevent necroposting and derailing is bad. Sure does seem like you don’t have an issue if it does not happen to you.

Which is a-okay.
OP made the thread, OP should have the option to lock it. If he does making a simailr thread with your new input would obviously be fair game.


Flagging content I think attacks me or is against the rules*

locking threads that have potential for more conversation or ideas, regardless of how old it is

Never said derailing is good. Sure, you can bring up something good that is off-topic, to which you should either go to DM’s and talk there, or create a new post.

If the government holds a vote, the government should have the option to end it anytime they personally feel like it, or when they get bored of it, or bored of managing it.

A vote affects the people, a thread does not. A thread is not at all equivalent to a vote of the people my dude.

Call it whatever you want sweety, you know the deal and so do I.

Hence why I’d want the option for OP and/or staff to re-open or rather unlock threads.
Not locking them at all would just lead to pointless bumping and necroposting.

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There’s already an option to close polls on Discourse, on these forums it is the responsibility of the staff to manage threads, and I am not aware of any government that cuts its elections short just because they got bored before collecting all the votes. What are you even trying to say?


epic meme time

Why does every post here derail into political discussion and arguments after like 10 replies? The post doesn’t even have to be about anything even remotely worth arguing about but people will argue anyway.