My suggested additions if 3.0 were to kindly be updated this or next week

Mostly this is some new data type stuff that should happen to appear hopefully in my opinion, it doesn’t focus on what items, vehicles or such since the workshop can do it. However, these features should be able to extend the possibilities of workshop creators, especially me. Also to clarify, I will simplify what I say here instead of talking about what is a data type & their complexity so that all readers may understand.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that not everything I say here would be possible for Nelson to create, these are just my suggested additions that could work for 3.0’s weekly updates.

I’d like to see:

  1. Cloud tool/Umbrella/Glider directional speed - We already have gravitational effects that drag you slowly or quickly down or up. But I also see a potential in making users move forward faster. This can be proposed to be either affected by sprinting or like what we have now, forcefully moving a direction. This unlocks possibilities to create more usable jetpacks & a glider tweak.
    An example of how it could look like

  2. Configurable bayonet statistics - The bayonet.dat currently is hardcoded but I’d like to see a change in that. Hopefully, there’s an update to it where it can have editable damage, types & range, much like the melees do. This can open such more for something like long-range bayonets or even a chainsaw type for workshop creators.

    A representation of what it can look like

    Another representation if it were to be used as a chainsaw

  3. Combined fire modes - A bit complex at first but it is understandable later. This feature can make guns mix fire modes with the action it has. For example, making an assault sniper that fires a 4-round burst that rebolts after. This makes the opportunity for something very unique like the SRM-1216 or GHJ’s favorite Bolt-Action LMG.
    How it could look like & work on a burst shotgun

  4. Disabling animations on selected limbs - This feature is one that disables a selected body part to completely ignore the item animation. This makes it that a one-handed item doesn’t have an unused arm animated in order for it to flow well with the walking & running animations. This can also simply be further used by only activating when a user sprints (this is optional). This makes items that have it on their .dat file have harmony & smoothness between the character animations & the item animations. It works well with, well, one-handed items & helps with my soon-to-come Infinity Gauntlet.
    How it could work on a one-handed Cobra
    How it could work on a one-handed Cobra while sprinting

These are all the suggestions that I’d like to see in the weekly 3.0 updates that are mainly for content creators out there in the Unturned community. What do you like to see that are usable for the Unturned workshop?


Configurable bayonets is something that I have wanted for a while.

Your combined firemodes sounds more like, “Make burst work with bolt/pump actions” than anything really, which I’m for regardless.


Double-barreled bolt-action rifle?

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