Mythical preference survey!

I’ve made a survey to determine what Mythical effects people like on a scale from 1 - 10. The results in this survey will be used by Union to make a video on the Unturned market and how mythicals could be priced in the future.


Me and Fleshy made this survey to get a general opinion on all mythical effects in game - We’d like to use this information for a future video I have planned, talking about the Market for Unturned Mythicals and how pricing could be estimated, depending on the effect and equipment region.

Also, for the survey rating: 1 is bad, 10 is good.


I like yes yes

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I participated in your guys’ survey. :slight_smile:



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honestly i think all mythical effects look stupid and i just sell them whenever i get them

it’s hard to believe anyone actually has them because they think they look good and not just because they cost a lot of money

Interested to see the results! I honestly forgot how many mythicals there really were.


I’ve submitted my response - surprisingly I ended up having to look up some of the mythicals again to jog my memory!

A couple comments of mine on mythicals in general:

  • I can definitely sympathize with the group of players that strongly dislike mythicals because of how jarring they are compared to the rest of the game’s aesthetic. However, as a former market profiteer I have a bias and unique sentimental value towards mythicals. In fact, it was a $7 mythical from Unturned that started a year-long chain of trade-ups that eventually led to my most profitable sale ever, of a ~$120 CS:GO skin.

  • Among the mythicals, my favorite effect is Pyrotechnic (partially because it’s obscenely flashy, but also because during my peak in profiteering it was among the rarest). Close seconds include Blossoming, Crystal Shards/Soul Shattered, and Energized. I also strongly like Shiny and Burning due to how versatile they are as mythical effects, being compatible with a large number of looks.

  • For some reason, I really dislike most mythicals that aren’t luminescent - though this is personal preference, because if I have mythicals I’m probably going to flaunt them as much as possible. Flashiness comes at the expense of immersion, and to me, bad mythicals commit the double sin of being unflashy and immersion-breaking.

I think I’ve mentally made an exception for Unturned, given in most other games I absolutely cannot stand immersion-breaking cosmetics/skins unless they are very simplistic. As mentioned before my profiteer history probably puts a bias on the value part, but I do actually find certain mythicals very visually appealing. To each their own :man_shrugging:t2:


Took me a little while but I completed it

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What about Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon? I personally think they’re the same as crystal shards and soul shattered.

They’re similar, but they’re one of those effects that people can’t stack as much without looking weird (imo). It’s too “consistent”, sorta like Bananza, High Tide, Cryptic Runes, and Atomic.

Any of the ones that are headwear-exclusives are susceptible to being less liked because of their… uniformity. And the more inherently-limited nature. Not less liked overall, but there’s definitely people who specifically dislike that style of mythic more than the other styles.

I’m a fan though.


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