Name a unique server idea!

I’m just curious of what unique ideas people have had for servers. Heres 3 of my personal ideas that I think many would enjoy. I’ve had plenty of other ideas that I never wrote down and forgot :frowning:

  • A solo/duo/trio server, where the maximum size a group can be is only 3 people

  • An Arena server where everyone spawns with a basic kit, and kills rewards you with money that can be spent on better kits next game. Loot may or may not naturally spawn. /Vault may or may not be included

  • A Kit PvP survival where you spawn with a basic kit, and kills upgrade your kit. Buildings would have very low health to encourage Kit PvP rather than base-building

Not sure how the Arena one would work, but it’s a neat idea.
personally i really want a server that limits people to pistols and thats it.

server thats whitelisted, where you invite 24 people, and when and if they die, they are removed from the whitelist. Ect. ect.

Kit pvp, no that is shit, new people rarely stay on, only try hard as and toxic shits play those. People just use them as a shitty creative server.
As for max group size, why? Player groups rarely get past 4 plus it would be annoying for that 4th wheel/friend.
Area pvp? Good idea but unfair as, why should I have a disadvantage when I join new, it should be fair for all.
For my suggestions, medium difficulty surivival server, easy is too easy.
Make it on a custom map, like eternal frost, have the game be about what it was ment to, invite friends, also don’t worry about abusive admins. If they only spawn a few things and give away free stuff that’s good for the player base, they will like the server because the admins are nice and the game is semi challenging, include modded weapons and vehicles aswell, but rifles and stuff, not assault rifles and hmgs. But that’s just me.
Have a safe zone aswell, for trading and stuff, set up an admin shop, for items that don’t spawn on the map, in eternal frost for example, there are no military guns, sell low tier military weapons, people can have good guns, but they would have to by them, not everyone would have top level stuff.

Vanilla hard server. There is literally none of those rn

Kameding’s server is like that, but yeah we need more.

It’s too pingy for European, I have over 200 ms everytime :confused:
And it’s not on the master, too.

An actual vanilla server.


A regular arena server, but ADSing is turned off.


no no
an arena but kos is off

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