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In unturned 1/3.0 you always had the name bar that showed Rep and your name and there was no way to get rid of it. I know nelsons main focus is not the RP community, but keep in mind it makes up a large portion of the community. I would be really nice for servers to be able to remove the bar or a system where only blue hammers can see it.

This is something that could be easily modded in and doesn’t require Nelson.

Could you give everyone out there a little guidance on how to do it?

the unturned rp community shouldnt exist
it doesnt exist

What? never heard of it
Don’t know what you’re talking about

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I have never heard of this as a thing and I know alot of the top plugin people

I assume you are joking? and if you arent it makes up a very large part of the communtiy from lighter MRP/SRP to City life

You haven’t heard of it because nobody is trying to set up Unturned II role-play servers yet.

(btw Froggo knows alot of the curated content people)


I know who he is. I am not doubting what he knows, I am just saying I have played alot of servers with very well respected coders and none of them have said so much as a peep about turning off your name tag

There aren’t name tags in-game yet. Your name doesn’t even show up in the text chat. Just give it some time.


@Andrew_soap_Biggs To clarify, you posted this as a suggestion for Unturned II, not Unturned. There’s a difference in terms of what can and cannot be done depending on the game you meant. The responses are assuming you meant Unturned II.

I would assume that the people you’ve spoken to prior to making this post (the “top plugin people”) would be assuming you’re not referring to Unturned II.


why not just buy no name granola bars

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No name brand unturned image

you have a good point

who are these “top plugin people” you speak of

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