Name of Unturned 4.0

Since the commercial name of the upcoming Unturned 4.0 has been recently brought to attention, I figured it may be best to get an idea of what people would like for the official release to be called on Steam.
I have compiled a few suggestions from the original topic (found here: Will Unturned 4.0 be Unturned 2 in the library?). Please do leave other suggestions if you don’t find any of the ones i’ve listed below to be appropriate.

  • Unturned II / 2
  • Unturned 4
  • Unturned (with 3.x being Unturned Legacy/Classic)
  • Unturned:
  • The Unturned
  • Other (suggestions)

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It can’t be called U-turn! It’d ruin an inside joke and I shall sue for emotional damage. :frowning:

Unturned II for the win.


It can be called Unturned 2 because we already have Unturned . Then, we might call 3.0 “Unturned early 3.0”

Unturned 3 is the only 3.0. Why would you call it “early 3.0?”


maybe if it’s set in the future it could be called “turned” to show how the world has become more decrepit and dead


It seems I have an unpopular opinion

Unturned Reborn
Unturned ll

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Unturned: Aftermath

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Unturned: /kits /kit op1 /tpa [Admin] xD
That’d fit in April’s Fools day, where a random person in a server is an admin :stuck_out_tongue:
I say it’d be called Unturned

They both fall under the “Unturned:” category, which was originally meant to be called "Unturned: (unique name here) but i used “<>” instead of brackets so by forum format it ended up being displayed incorrectly.
On this topic I would like for a moderator to fix that.

That is the first and so far most voted option on the poll.

sounds like a bunch of resident evil reboots to me

Unturned: The Dog Ending

Wait no that was Silent Hill

XD 4.0 better have a dog companion, a german shepard like dog meat from the fallout series.

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Unturned: Kid shooting simulator


Unturned: Returned

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I’ll be closing the poll on the 1st of December so let’s try to get in as many votes as possible, hopefully Nelson will stumble upon this thread before it falls into oblivion.

well nelson can’t really make any use of this poll since as of now only 47 of the many thousand of players have voted.

This is by no means an official way of deciding what the name would be, like I said, it’s to get an idea of what the few people actively visiting this forum would like for the game to be called, perhaps enough to give a decisive edge in case Nelson can’t make up his mind about the name.

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