Name problem

I have a little problem with my nickname… I started playing unturned with my old nickname (zX_RedFire_Xz) but since i’ve changed it to my actual one on my steam profile, every time I open unturned i have to change it because it resets to the old one, this also happens with the appareance

Have you checked to see if it’s an issue with Steam Cloud?

Yes i tried to uncheck the option from unturned properties, but nothing changed. Everytime I open Unturned the appearance turns back to default, group sets back to “No Group” and the character private and public name is back to “zX_RedFire_Xz” instead of “Clyme_”, also the skillset. Whenever i change and restart the game everything is back to normal, please help, i don’t care if i lose all the progress in the servers, i also tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but nothing.

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