Need help naming locations

I’m working on a map and i need some help naming locations(mainly because i’m shit an naming locations). im going for some east european/ russian names.
here they are (refer to these names when commenting a name).

Militairy outpost
Air traffic control
Weapon factory

Scrapyard = Junk Junction
Hotel = Paradise Palms
Military outpost = The Block
City = Tilted Towers
Town = Salty springs
Air traffic control = Frosty Flights
Weapon Factory = Flush factory
Farm = Anarchy Acres
Quarry = Dusty Divot


how bout a giant ice ball in the middle of the map

yeah that could work

Scrapyard- Shaun’s scrapyard (best I could think of)
Hotel-crontosova hotel (con tro so va)
Military base- sonada military base (so nada)
City- urenasa. (Uri nea sa)
Town-vadosa (va doe sa)
Air traffic control- Amadeus air traffic control tower
Weapon factory- Arma weapons plant (Ar muh)
Farm-dimas farm (Dee muh)
Quarry-Divensia coal mine (dimensia but with a v)

Ps. Pronunciations in parentheses

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