Nelson answered a few of my questions about the trophies, here is his response in case you had similar questions

Will the winner be able to choose any vanilla item for the skin, such as the makeshift bat or rifles which don’t have any currently?

Makeshift bat could probably get one, and then bat skins would work for both, but for others it would be case-by-case.

Will everyone who greatly contributed be awarded an item, an example would be someone who made modeled, one who wrote, and the other who directed?

Yep! Not planning to be stingy with these.

As a follow-up would we be restricted to just Unturned for creating a film or would we be able to use any tool at our disposal, such as blender?_

For a film contest that would probably be fine as long as it retained the art style.

Lastly, would a winner be able to provide a custom mesh for the skin if it was modeled in the Unturned style, such as an Oscar reskin for the military knife?

I might add a more traditional trophy mesh replacement, but it would add a lot of overhead to the process to take mesh submissions. For the moment I’ve made a tool to bulk create individualized items, but only with the existing weapons and meshes.

I’m not sure if I want to email Nelson again because of how busy he is and how unimportant this sort of thing can be. If you have any more questions you can either email him yourself or use these as a guideline to get an educated guess.


I’ll write a story if you’re interested.

just let me make the system on a mod god damn it!

gotta turn zombies into stone.


pppffffffhhhh. Fuck that give me a Saxxy Reskin.

stop deleting posts you coward


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