Nelson devlog pls


pls its been too long my veins need that juicy content pls


nelson quit his job and burned his computer

rip his computer


Nelson now has stress because of you, now he can’t make devlogs anymore.


Stop begging for devlogs. It’s not going to make him work any faster


he can’t even make devlogs if his computer is burned


but doesn’t he have a laptop?


He can’t make devlogs because you shoved your face into his computer, which then fried it.


you mean i shitposted his memory which led to his computer exploding


Is “it” the computer or the face?




You can wait. Other communities have gone over a year without even knowing anything about the next update for existing games, the last devlog was 12 days ago, you can wait.

Every Month Something Special Hapens *Nudge Nelson*

just… no…

Nelson won’t make a devlog until he has done enough to actually make one. And asking him for one won’t make him work faster either


laughs in 12 months


nelson is on the run because he robbed 5 banks in order to get funding for servers


Of course it would be a new person. But don’t worry, I once did it.


He has a lot of work to do not have time to be doing multiple devlogs he said that we are approaching the weekly devlogs, so when you least realize patience will post the devlog # 20, I have several expectations as the melee demonstration, greater demonstration of the new character and how he behaves inside the vehicle.


Both the computer and peskies brain


Wait when did Pesky have a brain?


wait what
i don’t have a brain


It was removed and served, as it was fried.